PFLAG Shreveport Speaks Out on Marriage Equality (KTAL Channel 6 – 10:00 PM, 3 June 2012)

We’ve heard today that two local PFLAG parents (Sherry and Jerry Kircus) were interviewed local NBC affiliate KTAL Channel 6. and we should see them on the Sunday night (3 June 2012) 10:00 PM news program.

KTAL had received a press release from the Bishop of Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral saying that gay marriage is wrong and that he will never allow it to happen in his church.

KTAL reporter Romni DiJohn called the Kircuses on Sunday afternoon and said that she wanted to get the other side of this story.

Please plan to watch this interview tonight on the 10:00 PM news broadcast (live or TiVo’ed).  If KTAL publishes a link for a print article or video clip about this, we will post it here as well.

And if we see more press coverage on this local story, we will post links to the coverage as they become available.


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