“Be Fair Shreveport” Billboards Promote Fairness in the Workplace (PACE Press Release)

For Immediate Release
Be Fair Shreveport Billboards Promote Fairness in the Workplace

Shreveport, LA (4 June 2012) — Billboards began appearing in Shreveport last week promoting fairness in the workplace.  The billboards feature three young people questioning workplace fairness and asking Shreveport to be fair.

Be Fair Shreveport is a joint project of Forum For Equality and People Acting for Change and Equality (PACE).

Be Fair Shreveport is about building and supporting the values of fairness and diversity in the workplace, while inspiring economic development and creativity in our community.

We believe that qualified, hard-working employees should be judged based on their work performance and not on arbitrary and irrelevant qualities.

“Be Fair Shreveport is about building our economic center and strengthening and supporting the amazing regional leaders that we have in this great community.  By communicating and championing the tools of diversity, Shreveport can continue to grow to be one of the top regional leaders in the South,” said Odessa Sykes of Forum For Equality.

“According to public policy experts, any city hoping to succeed in a globally competitive market must be able to attract and retain the creative class of knowledge-based workers who are known for their independent thinking, high tech skills, and innovative approaches to problem-solving.  These highly-talented workers abhor intolerance of diversity and will not move to a place that is unwelcoming to certain groups,” said Adrienne Critcher of PACE.

Be Fair Shreveport is a way to educate the private sector and regional companies about the power and productivity of diversity and inclusion. By visiting http://www.BeFairShreveport.org you can learn about the research, tools and information to build a stronger and more supportive workplace.

Be Fair Shreveport seeks to promote fairness in the workplace by urging Shreveport businesses to adopt non-discrimination policies that protect the classes of people who have historically been treated unfairly in the workplace.  We urge everyone to visit the website, http://www.BeFairShreveport.org, to find out more information.

Forum For Equality is Louisiana’s LGBT human rights organization dedicated to the establishment of a society free from discrimination and works to achieve full equality for the LGBT community through education, outreach, and constructive participation in the political process.

PACE is Northwest Louisiana’s leading advocacy organization for a just society in which the LGBT community can lead open, honest, responsible, and safe lives at home and in the workplace.


  • Adrienne Critcher, Communications Director, PACE (318-869-3930; 318-393-6556)
  • Odessa Sykes, North Louisiana Field Director, Forum For Equality (318-422-5430)
  • Email: befairshreveport@yahoo.com



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