“Following this logic, everyone must be stoned” (Letter to Shreveport Times — Robert Critcher)

Here is Robert Critcher’s letter to the editor printed in the Shreveport Times on 8 June 2012:

I was so glad to read Dennis Northcut’s June 5 letter where he quoted Leviticus 20:13 about killing gay people. For those who love to throw stones, according to the Bible, there are lots of opportunities to do so.

Of course gays are going to have to get at the end of a very long line of much bigger groups of people that the Bible demands we kill: adulterers, brides who aren’t virgins, disobedient children, rape victims who don’t scream loud enough, breakers of the Sabbath, those who say “GD,” those who curse the king (Obama ???), etc.

Too bad Mr. Northcut — I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a member of one or more of these groups. Therefore I, and probably he, am hoping that no one takes this seriously as I wouldn’t want to miss the next edition of his special insight to “Expressions of Christian Love.” Perhaps we can look forward to the biblical citing that approves slavery, the abomination of divorce, prohibition of tattoos and perhaps he can do it in the context of references to a flat Earth. Please don’t deprive the readership of other insights he may have that would correct additional widely held misconceptions that come from educators and scientists that have those silly little letters behind their names.

I’m counting on him to keep an eye over his shoulder in case there is someone who is easily duped and forgot that —». shalt not kill” reference. Maybe he can remind us where that one is.

– Robert Critcher (Shreveport)


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