Invitation to participate in study

Below is a request for PFLAG parents to participate in a research survey:

Dear PFLAG Chapter Leader:

I am conducting a research study and would like to ask you to participate by sharing the attached invitation letter with your chapter members.

The purpose of this study is to explore parental concerns about having gay and lesbian children and determine what factors influence these concerns. I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Georgia pursuing a doctoral degree in Counselor Education at the University of New Orleans.

The survey will likely take about 15 minutes to complete. Surveys are available online using the link below. If individuals would prefer to complete a paper version of this survey, please encourage them to notify me via email and I will mail them a survey with a stamped self-addressed envelope for them to return the survey, upon completion. Respondents’ identifying information will not be collected in this study and will not be disclosed in the findings. Participating in this study is thought to be of minimal risk. However, respondents may experience uncomfortable thoughts and feelings related to their concerns about having a gay son or lesbian daughter and/or their feelings about close relationships.

Possible benefits of this study include gaining self-understanding, allowing others to understand the factors that influence parents’ growth, and helping others to learn about parents’ experiences related to their children’s disclosure of being gay or lesbian. Study results could be used to inform counseling interventions for individual parents or families.

Participation is completely voluntary. Respondents may decline to participate at any time during the study and may decline to answer particular questions if they do not feel comfortable.

I appreciate your assistance with this research study. If you could kindly notify me regarding your willingness to share this invitation with your chapter members, that would be greatly appreciated.

Please direct any questions or concerns about this study to the co-investigator, Dee Desnoyers ( the principal-investigator and faculty advisor, Dr. Barbara Herlihy (, or the Office of Human Subjects Research at the University of New Orleans (


Dee Desnoyers, M.Ed., LPC
Doctoral Candidate, University of New Orleans
Bicentennial Education Building, Room 348
200 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

Survey link:


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