Request to participate in research survey

This comes from Russ Phillips (, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg:

I realize this is a little unorthodox but please take the time to read over what we have to say, as we feel like we have a chance to go present this information to a national board of psychologists, advocating for LGBT rights!

Would you be willing to pass on the information for a current psychological study?

My name is Nicholas. I am a research assistant for Dr. Russ Phillips at the University of Pittsburgh. We are interested in advocating for LGBQ rights, hoping you might mention our action research. Our confidential survey, “My Whole Life,” explores all aspects of well-being (physical, mental, spiritual, social) in persons who experience same-sex attractions. Our website also reviews research on persons with same-sex attractions (to dispel harmful myths) and lists resources for persons with same-sex attractions. We hope our research will further explicate the needs and resources and eliminate harmful myths about persons who are attracted to others of the same sex.

We have attached a flyer and are asking if you’d be willing to share the flyer with members of your organization. Also, if you have an email list, we would appreciate it if you might forward our email to your organization members.

Persons can take the survey at

The informational website is

Anyone age 18 and older who is attracted to persons of the same gender is eligible to take the survey. We are approved by the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board as a study respective of participants’ rights. The survey is confidential – we do not ask for names. We recommend that participants use Firefox as the online survey sometimes locks up on Chrome or Internet Explorer.

We thank you for your time! Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions!

Nicholas Drop and Dr. Russell Phillips

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
137 Faculty Office Building
150 Finoli Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601


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